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The Stretch Zone Method® is not stretching as you know it…. This is the next generation: a proven, proprietary, dramatically different methodology that gets real world results. The Stretch Zone Method® is patent pending and copy written because it is different than anything else.

Stretch Zone approaches stretching from a neurological perspective by working with the central nervous system to re-establish a more ideal resting muscle tone. (residual muscle tension)

“The limiting factor to achieving full range of motion is not the length or elasticity of muscles but the nervous control of their tension via the stretch reflex”

Our goal is not about making people more ‘flexible’, not at least in the way that people traditionally think… Our goal is to increase one’s active range of motion, ergo to be able to efficiently and effortlessly move further without even feeling a stretch.

Not just for the injured and the athlete. Stretch Zone caters to the non-athlete, the de-conditioned, and the aging baby boomers to help them “stretch back the years.™” Stretch Zone focuses on the real reasons people are seeking out practitioner-assisted-stretching, to improve their lifestyle.

Stretch Zone is for anyone wanting an active lifestyle: One that allows you to strengthen your performance in every area: from perfecting that swing on the golf course to reaching down to tie a shoe lace. Whether you are living an active lifestyle, or a lifetime of not exercising… Stretch Zone is an important place for you to go visit.

The Stretch Zone is not a clinic, rehab center or gym but a practitioner-assisted-stretching studio where people habitually go to keep their Flex-Ability for Life!  Jorden Gold, Founder /CSO


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