who offers isolated stretching?

Top Active Isolated Stretching Exercises You Can Do

Did you know that the theory behind active isolated stretching is that a protective action called the myotatic reflex is elicited when a muscle is being stretched too far or far too long? This reflex causes your muscles to automatically…

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who offers exercise for sciatic pain?

What Exercises Should I Avoid if I Have Sciatic Pain?

Perhaps you’re wondering about the right exercise for sciatic pain. Although maintaining an active lifestyle can certainly help you ease the discomfort, you have to be careful about other activities that will only worsen your condition by irritating your sciatic…

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who offers a stretching studio?

Things You Shouldn’t Do When You’re Stretching

A trip to the stretching studio is one of the nicest things that you can do to your body. Aside from helping your tired muscles recover fast, stretching them can also increase your flexibility, reduce your risk of injury, and…

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what is a stretch studio?

Mistakes to Avoid Making with Your Posture

Most moms would get after their kids about slouching. Those who heed their advice will reap the benefits of practicing good posture techniques. On the other hand, those who don’t will suffer the aches and pains of a back that’s…

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who offers the best assisted stretch?

Top Reasons Why Good Posture is Important

Do you constantly hunch and slouch? In case you’re not aware, bad posture isn’t just one of your mom’s pet peeves – it’s also very bad for you, too. Thankfully, poor posture can still be corrected with regular assisted stretch…

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who offers assisted stretching?

Signs You Need to Try Assisted Stretching

Do you constantly feel those aches and pains all over your body? Whether you feel this after an intense workout session or after spending too many hours being chained to your work desk, you don’t have to have a body…

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who can help with sciatica pain relief?

How to Best Prevent Your Sciatica Pain

Too many people are scrambling for sciatica pain relief, wishing that they took more effort to protect their back and reduce their risk. Contrary to what you may have initially thought, you can do a couple of things to steer…

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what is stretching for golf?

Stretches Every Golfer Should Know

Did you know that stretching for golf the right way can significantly improve your performance and reduce your risk for injury? Your golf swing has four elements, and these include your downswing, back-swing, ball strike, and follow-through. When you do…

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