Top Active Isolated Stretching Exercises You Can Do

Did you know that the theory behind active isolated stretching is that a protective action called the myotatic reflex is elicited when a muscle is being stretched too far or far too long? This reflex causes your muscles to automatically recoil about three seconds into a stretch to prevent your muscle from tearing. For this reason, those who practice this type of stretching technique stretch their muscles and return to their original position before their myotatic reflex kicks in. Here are some of the top active isolated stretching exercises.

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What are the Top Active Isolated Stretching Exercises?

Single-Leg Pelvic Tilt

Begin by lying on your back while you’re bending your non-exercising knee. Next, you’ll need to bend your exercising knee while you’re placing your hands behind your thigh. With the use of your hip and abdominal flexors, try lifting your exercising leg towards your chest as you make an aim toward your armpit. As you do this, use your hands to assist your leg before the stretch ends gently. Be sure to avoid pulling.


Start by sitting with both of your legs stretched out in front of you. Next, grab a rope and loop it around the foot of the exercising leg while you’re keeping that leg straight. Flex your foot back toward your ankle from your heel with the use of the rope to gently assist you at the end of each movement.

Lateral Trunk Flexors

To do this stretch, you’ll need to stand with one of your arms at your side, and the other one raised. Next, place the hand of the raised arm behind your head while pointing your elbow away from your body before you bend at your waist. While you’re at it, make sure that the straight arm is being lowered down to the side of your leg.

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