The Best Upper Back Stretches to Ease Pain

It’s impossible for anyone to feel their best, let alone maximize their performance when they’re dealing with debilitating back pain. Thankfully, there is a solution to this problem – upper back stretches with the help of a certified stretch practitioner. 

what can upper back stretches do for me?

What are the Best Upper Back Stretches to Ease Back Pain?

Cat-Camel Back Stretch

This can improve your spine’s mobility while your back and abdominal muscles are being strengthened. You can get started by being on all fours. Next, you can arch your back towards the ceiling and hold the stretch for at least 5 seconds before you arch your back towards the ground. While you’re at it, hold the position for another 5 seconds.

Hamstring Stretch

This is highly recommended if you spend a lot of your time sitting. Excessive sitting causes the back of your legs to become tight. When this happens, your back becomes pulled when it bends forward. Having flexible hamstrings can decrease the stress that you feel in your back when you’re bending over or lifting something.

Start by sitting on the floor with one leg kept straight, and the other one bent. Maintain a flat back while you lean forward by hinging from your hip until you feel the stretch behind your thigh. Repeat the same process on the other leg and hold the stretch for another 10 seconds. 

Hip Flexor Stretch

When you spend too much of your time sitting, the frontal portion of your hips become tight. This will cause your hip muscles to pull your lower part of your back forward when you’re standing.

Increasing the flexibility of your hip flexors will reduce your back pain when performing upright activities. Start by kneeling and leaning forward towards your bent front knee until you feel a stretch in front of the opposite thigh. Hold it for 10 seconds.

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Do Upper Back Stretches with the Expert!

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