who teaches the best stretching for lower back pain?
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What are the Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain?

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With so many things causing lower back pain, it has become one of the most common issues that most people face today. Although it can be a symptom of an underlying health condition, lower back pain can also be a side effect of repetitive motions or the lack of physical activity. Did you know that the best stretches for lower back pain are simple and effective? Let’s take a look:

what is the best stretching for lower back pain?

The Best Stretches for Lower Back Pain

Child’s Pose

This pose stretches your spinal extensors, hamstrings, and gluteus maximus in order to loosen the tight muscles of your neck, shoulders, and spine. Furthermore, the child’s pose works to improve your flexibility and the blood circulation along your spine. You start by placing your hands and knees on the ground before you sink your body back through your hips and rest them on your heels.

Next, fold forward by hinging at your hips and resting your belly on your thighs while your hands out in front of you. With your palms facing up, extend your arms alongside your body and breathe deeply as you hold the pose for about a minute. 

Pelvic Tilt

The pelvic tilt works to build the strength of the muscles in your abdomen. As you do this pose, the tightness in your lower back will be loosened, and the pain will be relieved. To do this, you’ll need to lie on your back while bending both knees and your feet placed flat on the floor.

Next, flatten your back against the floor to keep your abdominal muscles engaged. While you’re at it, try to beat normally while holding the position for 10 seconds.

where can i learn the best stretching for lower back pain?

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