Can Stretch Zone® improve my game?

by admin

Stretch Zone® has helped pro athletes from the NFL, NBA, MLB, & ATP achieve peak athletic performance. Many sports celebrities who have “entered the Stretch Zone®” including former NFL quarterback Drew Brees, a U.S. Open Champion, a NFL’s Most Valuable Player, and an IBF Lightweight World Champion.

The Stretch Zone system has also been successfully adopted by several professional NBA and NFL teams.

Stretch Zone assists athletes and coaches with all three phases of conditioning: the general training phase, the preparatory/competitive phase and the recovery phase. Stretch Zone’s practitioner-assisted stretching has the ability to accelerate recovery from workouts or competition,  increase work capacity and enhance physical performance. Athletes develop greater body awareness, greater fluid movement patterns, and can generate more power through symmetrical use of muscle groups that are not affected by habitual compensatory muscle shift. With a balanced system, athletes will reach their true maximum potential. Armed with a systematic approach to training, Stretch Zone helps to prepare athletes for competition, as well to recover both mentally and physically afterwards. Stretch Zone helps athletes learn to better sense body condition, resulting in a greater understanding of the state of their muscles. This helps to prevent and limit injuries. This awareness also aids in developing a greater sense of control and confidence, which ultimately affects peak performance.

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