Male and female doing back hand clip stretch

The Basic Anatomy of Your Upper Back

As you’re doing your regular upper back stretching exercises, you’re probably wondering about the components of your upper back and why it happens to be the most stable part of your spine. Although this region features more stability and stiffness…

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Group of seniors sitting down stretching outdoors

Tips for Preventing Upper Back Pain

Upper back pain is a drag, but did you know you could reduce your chances of experiencing it? If you’re struggling with this discomfort, getting help from a certified stretch practitioner at a stretching studio will greatly alleviate it. Are…

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Senior couple with lower back pain

What Increases Your Potential for Lower Back Pain?

Although certain medical conditions lead to lower back pain, most of the possible causes are mechanical in nature. This is usually attributed to everyday wear and tear, which triggers the degeneration of the spine’s intervertebral discs over time. People who…

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7 Reasons Your Back is Aching Blog Cover

7 Reasons Your Back is Aching

One of the most common reasons people visit their doctors is for back pain that could either be chronic or be resolved in a few days or even weeks. Unfortunately, over three million people suffer from back pain every year.…

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How to Prevent Lower Back Disorders and Injuries Blog Cover

How To Prevent Lower Back Disorders And Injuries

Back disorders don’t develop overnight. If you weren't aware, these disorders or injuries are some of the leading causes of disability! According to experts, any repetitive damaging activity that takes place over an extended time period may cause the accumulation…

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Knees to chest assisted stretching

How To Get Immediate Back Pain Relief

Have you ever wondered about what the best stretching for lower back pain is? Perhaps what you have in mind is a full stretch routine that you can do in the morning and the latter part of the day. However,…

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You Can’t Stretch a Muscle: Muscles Simply Increase Their “Stretch Tolerance” Blog Cover

You Can’t Stretch a Muscle: Muscles Simply Increase Their “Stretch Tolerance”

“We are thinking about stretching and flexibility all wrong,” said Jorden Gold, founder of Stretch Zone. “It is time to stop thinking about muscle length, and instead think about ‘muscle extensibility’. Stop thinking about becoming more ‘flexible’ but more ‘extendable’.”  It…

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Understanding Flexibility in Gymnastics Blog Cover

Understanding Flexibility in Gymnastics

Have you ever noticed how gymnasts flip, spin, and jump so effortlessly? The reason they’re able to perform all their cool stunts with ease is because of their incredible flexibility. If a gymnast is not as limber as they should…

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