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20 Views on Fitness and Wellness to watch in 2022

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The health and wellness industry is constantly evolving. Consumers are boosting their self care as a result of the pandemic, engaging in new fitness trends on social media and craving in person experiences that they missed over the last couple of years.

As we progress into this new year, one of the biggest trends we will see in the health and wellness industry is emigration from big box concept, such as gyms, to boutique, specialized experiences, such a Stretch Zone, which offers practitioner-assisted stretching.

Consumers everywhere are thinking less about increasing muscle mass or cardio endurance and more about total body wellness that improves their overall lifestyle, including their mental, emotional and spiritual health. “What is your bench press?” or “What is your mile time?”  is being replace with “How can I improve my posture and golf swing?”. There is a purposeful search for customization, pandemic detox and sustainable wellness that only intimate, one-on-one sessions with experts can achieve

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