What Exercises Should I Avoid if I Have Sciatic Pain?

Perhaps you’re wondering about the right exercise for sciatic pain. Although maintaining an active lifestyle can certainly help you ease the discomfort, you have to be careful about other activities that will only worsen your condition by irritating your sciatic nerve.

What are the Exercises to Avoid for Sciatic Pain?

Double Leg Lift

People who are struggling with sciatic pain should steer clear of exercises that might require them to lift both of their legs while they engage their core. Although this can do wonders for your back and abdominal muscles, they could make your sciatic pain go from bad to worse. Before you try doing some leg lifts, make sure that your abs are strong enough to handle the weight of both of your legs. Otherwise, your lower back will take on the full weight of your legs. When this happens, you put yourself at risk for sciatic pain associated with disc herniation.

Leg Circles

Another type of exercise that you need to watch out for is anything that may require you to swing your leg in a full circle. This movement can aggravate sciatic pain as your hamstrings are being stretched. To give you an idea, try avoiding some yoga poses, pilates moves, or circuit training exercises that may involve leg swinging. Also, it would be best if you took a break from high-impact sports that include football that can increase your risk of injury.

Bent-Over Row

In case you’re wondering, this type of full-body integration exercise is meant to help you work on your back and arms. When the bent-over row is executed correctly, the stretch can be extremely beneficial. However, when you do it with poor form, you’re going to put yourself at risk for muscle strain or disc herniation that could worsen your sciatic pain.

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Safe Exercise for Sciatic Pain

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