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Sounds like you could use a stretch. 

Daily tension and stress can drastically reduce your range of motion and overall mobility. Our muscles can be restricted by nervous energy called the stretch reflex. This is the body’s defense against stretching too far. Unfortunately, the tension in our bodies can activate this stretch reflex before it’s necessary. Luckily, you can combat this with the Stretch Zone Method. 

The Stretch Zone Method is championed by athletes from the NBA, NFL, MLB, and professional golf. They use it to reach their full potential on the court, field, and course. You can use it to reach your full potential too, whether it be for being active or just getting through your daily life. 

Our stretch practitioners in Stuart will do all the work as you relax comfortably on our patented equipment. With our proven methods of assisted stretching, you’ll be able to get the most out of your muscles. 

Having assisted stretching sessions can ward off restrictive tension. Contact us to book a free one! 

      – Unlock your flexibility 

      – Efficient movement 

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Fun Facts About Stuart 

      – Notable people who have lived in Stuart include MLB catcher Ed Hearn, singer Davy Jones, actor Judge Reinhold, and tennis player Kathy Rinaldi 

      – The 1916 film, Robinson Crusoe, was filmed in Stuart 

      – Numerous United States presidents enjoyed fishing in Stuart, including Grover Cleveland, Theodore Roosevelt, and Howard Taft 



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    The Stretch Zone Method® addresses flexibility from a neurological perspective. This is achieved by dealing with the muscle’s nervous tension (“tonus”) to reach an optimal active range of motion. The goal is not to make a person more “flexible” or “elastic,” but rather enable you to move more functionally by re-establishing a more ideal resting muscle tone. By re-educating the associated nerve-muscle reflex, the Stretch Zone Method® leads to movement becoming easier and more efficient.

    Rather than creating soreness by pulling on our limbs to extremes, the Stretch Zone Method® works through the nervous system to achieve lasting gains in flexibility and range of motion. The method rests on the notion that changing and re-educating our muscle’s nervous energy is a major factor in unleashing our body’s intended function. This nervous energy, known as the stretch reflex, is our body’s automatic defense against the dangers of over-stretching. Any movement that goes too fast or too far, or is held for too long, will cause your body to resist with the stretch reflex. Once the reflex is activated, your body has effectively said “no more” and resists the stretch. Any further attempt at stretching becomes counter productive and may even cause long term damage.


    Elise Walch

    General Manager

    Elise Walch is the General Manager at Stretch Zone in Stuart ,Florida. She was a All American volleyball player at Florida State University. Playing in college, Elise knows the value of flexibility and how beneficial stretching is to enable her to perform at the highest level. She is very passionate about helping people feel their best and loves to see the progress her clients make through the one on one stretching they receive at Stretch Zone.


    Helen Martin


    Helen Martin is multi unit Stretch Zone Franchisee who opened her first location in 2014 with 2 stretchers and 1 table. Now with 10 stores and a few more on the books for 2020 she is focused on delivering the very best service and stretch to each client. She is also focused on developing and growing with her team. Helen is also the Chairperson of the Stretch Zone Franchisee Advisory Council. She has Stretch Zone in her blood!