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Announcing The First Annual National Stretching Day!

Announcing The First Annual National Stretching Day!

Stretch Zone is having a moment. The National Day Calendar has recognized Stretch Zone’s incredible story and mission by establishing this December 11th as the first annual National Stretching Day.

According to the National Day Calendar website, “National Day Calendar is pleased to welcome Stretch Zone to the National Day Calendar Founder Family. Beginning in 2022, we will celebrate National Stretching Day on December 11 and each year after…. National Stretching Day is dedicated to educating people on the numerous benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching.” 

Stretching is essential to fitness and leading a healthy lifestyle, as flexibility improves a person’s overall well-being. While conventional stretching methods attempt to make you more “flexible,” the Stretch Zone Method takes it a bit further with more effective, practitioner-assisted stretching. 

What Is Practitioner-Assisted Stretching?

Stretch Zone practitioner-assisted stretching is a customizable routine performed by certified practitioners that utilizes a science-based, patented stretching system and proprietary methods. With this system and proprietary tables, practitioners can position, stabilize and isolate muscles to deliver a life-changing stretch experience. 

Practitioner-Assisted Stretching Benefits

Adding practitioner-assisted stretching to your routine can enhance mobility and strengthen your stretch tolerance. What is a stretch tolerance? Not many people realize this, but muscles do not actually stretch; they only extend and retract. With our patented technology, we are able to build your stretch tolerance in a way that self-stretching can’t. We move your body just outside its comfort zone – to the point of resistance – and then return to a comfortable neutral pressure. Doing this enhances your body’s active range of motion and adds to your “Stretch Zone.”

Additionally, other key benefits of practitioner-assisted stretching include:

  • Increased and maintained range of motion
  • Improved physical and athletic skills
  • Alleviated stress and muscle stiffness
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Feeling lighter and younger
  • Corrected compensational shifts and muscle imbalances
  • The ability to do life better

About Stretch Zone’s Patented Strapping System

Our patented strapping system stabilizes the body to elevate the clients’ stretch experience, allowing them to relax and feel all the benefits while we do all the work. 

Other advantages of this system include the following:

  • It eases the sense of fear and loss of control and relaxes the muscles being stretched
  • Re-establishes an ideal resting muscle tone
  • Allows for a speedy extension of muscles farther than the central nervous system permits, typically
  • It helps control and alters stretch timing to help overcome the stretch reflex
  • Increases the practitioner’s sensitivity, perception, and monitoring of the stretch reflex
  • Positioning and isolating target muscles give our practitioners an extra set of hands to improve the stretch. 
  • And more!

The Story Behind Stretch Zone

Founder Jorden Gold’s Pop-Pop (grandfather) was his best friend his entire life, and in later years, from complications of diabetes, he became bedridden. Gold decided to do something about it. He stretched Pop-pop every day. In about a year, Gold was able to get Pop-Pop from immobile to a walker, to a cane, to dancing at a family member’s wedding. That’s when Gold knew he had to introduce this revolutionary method to the world and scale it. Leading to the creation of the world’s first and fastest-growing stretch franchise.

Join Us On December 11th For National Stretching Day

Simple ways you can observe National Stretching Day with us:

  • Join our $250 gift card challenge by visiting   
  • Use the hashtag #NationalStretchingDay on social media to show how you stretch or how stretching changed your life.
  • Keep learning about the benefits of stretching.
  • Gift your loved ones with a Stretch Zone gift card!

If you’ve never tried Stretch Zone yourself, take advantage of a free 30-minute stretch! Search for your nearest location and book your stretch session today!