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What Every Endurance Athlete Should Know About Assisted Stretching

What Every Endurance Athlete Should Know About Assisted Stretching

Are you an endurance athlete who is yet to discover the benefits of a practitioner-assisted stretching program? In case you’re clueless about assisted stretch, it involves the help of a certified and qualified stretch therapist who ensures proper control over your stretching session while targeting muscle groups that need to be lengthened. 

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Facts About Assisted Stretching that Every Endurance Athlete Should Know

Offers Relief From Camping

Muscle cramps are sudden and involuntary muscle contractions that can be extremely painful. Experts believe that this could be triggered by specific changes in the person’s motor neuron excitability or spontaneous discharges of their motor nerves.

To help you steer clear of muscle cramps, you’ll need to cut back on exercising before your big event. You’ll also need to incorporate assisted stretching in your warm-up before you progressively slide into your exercise routines. Your stretch practitioner will guide you as you pay more attention to what your body is trying to tell you to avoid pushing its limits too far.

Kickstarts Your Healing Process

When you’re in pain, stretching on your own can almost become impossible. You’ll need someone to help you stretch to relieve the pain. While you relax on the treatment table, the stretch therapist will gently manipulate your body until a full stretch is achieved. When this happens, the healing process will start to kick in, and you’ll feel a lot better than usual.

Will Help You Train Better

Assisted stretching can provide your body with a deep stretch that would be impossible for you to achieve if you do it on your own. A full-body stretch that’s properly executed will increase your flexibility and access more of your muscle so that you can quickly develop them.

Furthermore, since it improves your joints’ and muscles’ range of motion, you will be able to experience enhanced mobility and functional mobility.

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Experience the Benefits of an Assisted Stretch

If your body tells you that it needs to be stretched, book your 30-minute assisted stretch session at Stretch Zone today.