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Health Benefits of Assisted Stretching for Seniors

Health Benefits of Assisted Stretching for Seniors

As we age, our range of motion deteriorates, and our muscles and joints lose their strength. For this reason, it can be extremely challenging for older adults to maintain their mobility. Thanks to assisted stretching, seniors can experience improved flexibility, increased strength, and enhanced blood circulation. 

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How Assisted Stretching Helps Seniors

It Reduces Low Back Pain and Arthritis

With regular assisted stretching exercises, older adults can steer clear of aches and pains that may be caused by spinal stenosis and osteoarthritis. Assisted stretching can help manage the pain and discomfort that both conditions cause. With the right stretching equipment and a skilled practitioner to help them address the stiffness in their afflicted joints, their range of motion, flexibility, and elasticity will improve.

It Reduces their Risk of Falling

Did you know that one out of three older adults fall every year? Furthermore, 2.5 million of them would require emergency treatment. However, if seniors make it a point to stretch with the help of an experienced practitioner regularly, they’ll reduce their chances of suffering a fall. Stretching improves the strength of their hip joints, and the flexibility of their quadriceps, hamstrings, and lower back. 

It Improves Their Posture

Aging causes the body’s ligaments and tendons in the chest and shoulders to lose their elasticity and flexibility. As a result, seniors tend to have a forward head posture with rounded upper back and shoulders, as well as forward pressing hips. However, poor posture can be corrected by regular stretching sessions with a practitioner who can loosen these tight ligaments, tendons, and muscles.

It Increases Energy Levels

Stretching promotes proper circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. This would allow the body to have more energy for independent movement.

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Interested in Assisted Stretching?

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