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Underused Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Underused Remedies for Back Pain Relief

Does your back pain continue to interfere with the quality of your life? While your case may require multiple treatment options, there are some back pain treatments that most people tend to overlook. If you’re in dire need of back pain relief, you may want to consider trying one or a combination of these remedies.

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What are the Underused Remedies for Back Pain Relief?

Get Enough Sleep

While it can be tough to fall asleep or stay asleep when the pain in your back is killing you, you’ll need to have enough sleep to allow your body’s muscles and tissues to heal and recharge. You may ask your doctor for any recommendations such as taking certain medications or adopting lifestyle changes.

Do Some Core Exercises

Did you know that your abs and your back muscles are responsible for providing support to your spine? Giving these muscles a great workout regularly through specific core exercises will alleviate your back pain and prevent it from recurring. You may choose to incorporate some of these simple exercises within 30 minutes into your daily routine to keep your core muscles engaged.

Keep Your Brain Engaged

You might be surprised to find out that the pain that you feel is more than just a sensation because it largely depends on how your brain interprets the signals that cause you to perceive your pain. The good news is that it’s not too late to develop your ability to reduce those pain signals through strategies that include pain management and cognitive behavioral therapy. 

Stretch Your Hamstrings

One of the main contributors to back pain is tight hamstrings. These are the muscles that are located in the back portion of your thighs. When they’re uncomfortable, they tend to pull your lower back, as well as your sacroiliac joints and cause pain. Be sure to perform hamstring stretches at least twice a day for 30 seconds.

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