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Useful Tips for Neck and Back Pain Relief

Did you know that 8 out of 10 people struggle with acute neck or back pain? This painful sensation is both intense and abrupt and, in most cases, it only subsides after days or weeks. However, it’s also possible for some people to experience chronic pain, which continues even after undergoing surgical or non-surgical treatment procedures.

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Tips for Neck and Back Pain Relief 

Ease Up on the Pressure 

First, you must ease up on the pressure that you may be putting on your back. It’s best to schedule an appointment with your health care professional. Acute back pain may require the restriction of activities for a few days and even the use of over-the-counter pain medication. 

Cold and Heat Application

Cold and heat application is something that most athletes know about in case of an injury. If you’re struggling with acute neck and back pain, try applying an ice pack on the affected area for 48 hours. Ice will slow down the swelling and reverse the inflammation while serving as a local anesthetic.

Once it loses its anesthetic effects after 48 hours, you’ll need to switch to heat application in order to relax your muscles and increase the flow of blood to your deep tissues. Be sure to protect your skin by using a thin towel to wrap the ice packs or warm compresses with.

Move Your Body When the Pain Eases

It’s important to limit your muscle and joint movements when you’re experiencing acute neck and back pain. However, when the pain eases, you’re encouraged to move your joints and muscles past the point of your initial restriction. You can do this through simple stretching exercises with the help of a certified and experienced stretch professional. 

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Experience Neck and Back Pain Relief Through Stretching!

Stretching your muscles and joints is one of the most effective ways to get neck and back pain relief. Book your FREE 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone today!