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The Basics of Flexibility Training You Should Know

The Basics of Flexibility Training You Should Know

Did you know that a healthy workout routine consists of the four main types of exercise? These include strength, endurance, balance, and flexibility training. Flexibility training involves activities that aim to stretch your muscles until they’re loosened up, and your body becomes lithe and limber. Furthermore, doing flexibility exercises regularly will provide you with more freedom of movement. 

This increased mobility will help you perform your daily activities and other exercises with great ease and less effort. One of the best things about exercises that promote flexibility is the fact that it can help you steer clear of muscle discomfort when your body is confined in a particular space for an extended period such as a long plane flight or meeting.

When is the Best Time to Stretch?

Flexibility exercises are ideal when your muscles have already been warmed up by a few minutes of easy walking. When your muscles are warm, they tend to stretch further than their limits without you feeling a sense of tightness or even pain. In other words, flexibility exercises are best done after you do your stretch or endurance exercises.

What Do I Need to Remember Each Time I Stretch?

Stretching needs to be done slowly and smoothly as your muscles are being eased into their desired position. You’ll need to stretch as far as is comfortable for you. You shouldn’t feel any pain while you’re stretching. It’s best to hold the stretch for about 10 minutes if you’re not used to stretching. Keep in mind that stretching becomes more comfortable if you do it more often. 

While you’re stretching, remember to breathe normally and relax. Exhale through the mouth slowly while counting to 10. Avoid bouncing or jerking your muscles as you stretch because this will cause tightness and injuries.

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