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Tips for Fast Recovery from Muscle Soreness

Tips for Fast Recovery from Muscle Soreness

Did you recently have an intense workout? Maybe you just woke up on the wrong side of the bed? If your muscles could talk, they’d probably be calling out for help, saying, “Stretch me.” The truth is, most people only think to stretch before or after a workout, or when a problem arises. But, stretch should be a part of your daily life to increase flexibility, improve your mental state, and teach your muscles how to recover properly. To help you reach your fitness goals, check out these tips that promote fast recovery from sore muscles.

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How to Recover Fast from Muscle Soreness

Eat Right

Did you know that your muscle fibers become damaged each time you work out? Then, as they heal, they become thicker and more durable than before, which leads to growth! Proper nutrition is a critical factor in the process of repairing damaged muscle fibers. If you’re working out a lot, drinking lots of water, consuming more quality carbohydrates, and pumping up your protein intake can help. However, you should also note that everybody has different needs, and if you’re looking to make diet changes, it’s best to speak with a professional! 

Give Your Muscles a Break

After an intense workout session, your muscles need to take time off to rebuild and recover. Although it’s not advisable to keep your sore muscles immobile for the next couple of days, experts also explicitly discourage engaging in another intense workout session on the very next day. Work on another target area and get a professional stretch in the meantime. We’re sure that little “Stretch me!” voice in the back of your mind will start to quiet!

Get Enough Sleep

You really need to value your sleep. And, not just any sleep, but high-quality sleep that allows your mind and body to recover. Getting a proper amount of rest and sleep is extremely important if you want your body to spend more of its energy on recovery. In other words, your body, as well as your muscle fibers, will recover more quickly when you’ve had a good night’s sleep.

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Listen to Your Body When It Says “Stretch Me!”

Having a balanced recovery process is important, but the best way to promote fast recovery from muscle soreness is through stretching. If your muscles are sore from yesterday’s intense workout, don’t even think about not moving your muscles all day. Listen to your body when it says, “Stretch me!”. If you want to get back in the gym faster, book a 30-minute stretch with the experts at Stretch Zone for free!