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What are the Signs I’m Overtraining?

What are the Signs I’m Overtraining?

Although regularly exercising will cause you to reap some health benefits such as increased energy levels and feeling good about yourself, it’s a different story if you’re pushing yourself too hard. People who don’t let their bodies recover well after an intense physical training are placing stress on their muscles, joints, and bones. This will ultimately result in fatigue, soreness, and poor performance. If you think that you’re overtraining yourself, you may want to consider booking a one on one appointment with a stretching trainer.

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Signs of Overtraining

Muscle Soreness That Lingers for a Week

While it’s reasonable to experience muscle soreness after a workout, experiencing pain is a different story. If your workout makes it difficult for you to move some parts of your body or pain that lingers for a week, that isn’t normal. Instead of trying to do too much too fast, experts recommend increasing the intensity of your workouts in small increments. Doing so will allow your body to reach your fitness and exercise goals more quickly. 

You Experience One-Sided Soreness

One-sided soreness is a sure sign that you’ve pushed that side of your body a little too far. When this happens, you’ll need to give your muscles more time to heal and recover. If you want to hasten the healing process, you can enlist the help of a certified stretching trainer. Deciding to ignore the problem and jump back into your workout routine too soon might lead to chronic pain and difficulty with recovery.

You Cram All of Your Exercises into One Workout Session

People who make exercise their last priority tend to push themselves too hard when they do get the chance to hit the gym. They typically cram many activities into a single session, and the end up limping around for days.

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Do You Need the Help of a Stretching Trainer?

If you can relate to any of these signs, book a 30-minute stretch with a certified stretching trainer at Stretch Zone for free!