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Back Pain Stretches You Can Do in Bed

Back Pain Stretches You Can Do in Bed

There’s nothing worse than waking up with an insanely painful back. If you feel like you’ve been run over by a truck and the last thing on your mind is to get up and start another busy day, don’t worry. You can do some lower and upper back stretches right there on your bed.

To get even better results, it’s best to book an appointment with a stretch practitioner to help you maximize each of your movements.

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What Back Pain Stretches Can You Do in Bed?

Hip Lift

In a matter of minutes, this will definitely relieve your lower back pain and your hip flexors will thank you for doing this. With your palms grounded on the bed behind you, try sitting with your legs crossed.

Next, try to move your weight into your hands while you guide your head back and draw your chest and hips toward the ceiling while you lift your butt slightly off the bed. 

Spinal Roll

This move will roll up your spine from your tailbone’s tip. First, you start on your back while you’re bending your knees and placing your hands behind your head. Using slow and gentle micro-movements, roll and stretch through your vertebrae.

Spinal Twist

Aside from being incredibly easy to do, the spinal twist is also extremely effective when it comes to relieving back pain that keeps you in bed. You can begin by lying on your back and bringing your knees to close to your chest while you hug them.

Next, your left leg should be lowered to the floor, while your right knee is being squeezed into your chest. You’ll need to stretch an arm out to one side with your palm faced down. Your right foot should be hooked behind your left leg and that right knee should be guided across your body until you feel the stretch.

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The Best Lower and Upper Back Stretches!

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