Does Stretch Zone utilize any special equipment?

by admin

Stretch Zone takes the positioning and stabilization of clients to a new level with our patented strapping system. When the body is stabilized correctly, it can relax and allow a full stretch to occur.

Stretch Zone’s patented strapping system:
Helps to position, stabilize and isolate targeted muscles
• Prevents the body from seeking the path of least resistance, whereby untargeted muscles receive the stretch instead of the targeted ones
Gives the practitioners an extra set of hands to work with to improve the stretch
• Offers a mechanical advantage leading to less effort being required for each stretch
• Increases the practitioner’s sensitivity, perception and monitoring of the stretch reflex
Reduces the sensation of fear and loss of control and relaxes the muscles being stretched
• Helps control and alter stretch timing to help overcome the stretch reflex
• Re-establishes a more ideal resting muscle tone
• Allows for speedy extension of muscles farther than the central nervous system normally permits

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