Tony Zaccario in the 2021 Apogee Awards
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2021 Apogee Awards

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Published on page 68 of South Florida Business and Wealth Magazine

Tony Zaccario first joined Stretch Zone as General Manager in 2016 and was soon promoted to Vice President of Operations in 2017. And just three short years after he originally joined the team, he was named president and CEO of the company —At just 27-years-old—. Since joining, Tony has led Stretch Zone through a pandemic and achieved year-over-year exponential growth, boasting more than 145 practitioner-assisted stretch studios currently open nationwide.

The brand, which utilizes a proprietary strapping system that expertly positions, stabilizes and isolates muscles to allow for truly effective stretching, furthers Tony’s passion for overall community health and wellness, as well as his ultimate goal of providing wider access to practitioner assisted stretching and all its benefits.

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