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Drew Brees is Revolutionizing Fitness with Stretch Zone – A Game-Changing Partnership

Published by Franchising Magazine USA

Drew Brees, the former quarterback of the New Orleans Saints and a legendary figure in the world of American football, made a remarkable move beyond the field into an extraordinary partnership. In January 2021, Brees joined forces with Stretch Zone, the nation’s premier practitioner-assisted stretching brand, as a franchise partner and brand ambassador. Locking in his commitment to expanding the presence of Stretch Zone in the Midwest, Louisiana, and Southern California, the partnership signifies a significant impact on the rapidly-growing company and the fitness industry at large.

Drew Brees brings a wealth of experience and a deep commitment to the table in his partnership with Stretch Zone. His dedication goes far beyond business interests, reflecting an unwavering passion for health and fitness. With a renowned 20-year NFL career, Brees stands as a testament to the importance of maintaining one’s health and well-being. His extensive experience as a franchise owner in various industries, particularly within the health and fitness and restaurant sectors, underscores the substantial value that he offers to Stretch Zone’s members and investors. Brees extends his reach beyond Stretch Zone, serving as a franchisee and equity partner in various ventures, including Jimmy John’s, Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux, Title Boxing Club, and more.

Practitioner-Assisted Stretching: A Key to Brees’s Success

His journey with practitioner-assisted stretching began in the latter parts of his career. Initially becoming involved with the brand as a client, he incorporated this method into his training and recovery regime for many years to maximize fitness gains and prevent injury. His introduction to Stretch Zone mirrored the experience of many other franchisees and consumers, with the brand recommending that people try their services by offering the first stretch for free; Brees’s first encounter with Stretch Zone left a deep impression. He was particularly impressed by the brand’s rapid expansion, especially with the opening of its 112th location at the time, leading to his decision not only to remain a loyal client, but furthering his involvement by becoming a franchise owner in 2021.

“Having embraced stretching as a vital part of my fitness regimen, Stretch Zone’s method proved to be the missing piece in my journey. It took my understanding of the benefits to a whole new level,” said Brees. “Stretch Zone showcased the transformative potential of their patented system. What truly captivated me was its universal applicability, tailored to meet the diverse needs of a variety of individuals.”

He credits practitioner-assisted stretching with improving his recovery time, enhancing his strength, flexibility, and power and commends the leadership team for their unwavering commitment to growth and their mission of making practitioner-assisted stretching accessible to everyone.

“Stretch Zone improves lives through its intentional methods and authentic approach,” said Brees. “It is a company driven by passion and purpose, committed to helping people feel better one stretch at a time, and that’s what made me certain that I wanted to introduce their services to communities across the nation.”

Former Teammates Joining Forces

Drew Brees’s partnership with Stretch Zone is not a solitary venture. He is joined by former Purdue University teammates, Ben Smith and Jason Loerzel. The fierce trio, known for their winning decisions since their football years, have now come together to introduce practitioner-assisted stretching to communities nationwide. Their friendship laid the foundation for this business collaboration, taking them from teammates in the end zone to thriving as business partners with Stretch Zone.

A Long-Term Commitment

Drew Brees’s dedication to Stretch Zone extends well beyond a short-term affiliation. Recently, the brand announced that he has re-committed to Stretch Zone as its ambassador through 2028.

“Drew Brees is not just a spokesperson; he’s a true believer in the Stretch Zone method and a visionary partner in our mission to revolutionize how people approach flexibility and overall wellness,” said Tony Zaccario, President and CEO of Stretch Zone. “His commitment, both as our ambassador and as a dedicated multi-unit franchisee, is a testament to our shared vision to bring wellness to communities. With Drew’s support and leadership, we are ready to expand our reach, bringing the benefits of Stretch Zone to even more communities and transforming lives along the way.”

Drew is committed to introducing the brand to new communities in addition to the 10 locations he currently has open across New Orleans, Metairie, Mandeville, Bocage and Baton Rouge in Louisiana, where he spent a majority of his career playing for the Saints, as well as Carmel, Fishers, and Zionsville in Indiana. He plans to open another 10 studios in the future.