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Experienced fitness trainer guiding a client through a personalized stretching routine at Stretch Zone studio

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Article written by Franchising USA


Opening its first store front location in 2015, Stretch Zone now boasts more than 110 locations in over 22 states nationwide.

President and CEO Tony Zaccario explains how this leading practitioner-assisted stretching concept has been changing lives and is poised to double its franchise locations in the coming year.

Franchising USA: Tony, tell us about Stretch Zone’s offering.

Tony Zaccario: Whether you’re scaling Mount Everest, working on your golf swing or sitting at your desk all day, everyone knows that they need to stretch, but rarely do they do it right, or even do it at all. Stretch Zone offers what we call the Stretch Zone Method, a unique, practitioner-assisted stretching process that utilized a patented strapping system to position, stabilize and isolate muscles to allow for the best possible results with little resistance from the body. Through these proprietary stretching methods, clients can minimize body discomfort, boost their health and wellness goals, and prevent future injury. Not to mention, we help improve your joint mobility and keep muscles loose.


FranUSA: Why is there a need for this service?

TZ: We are told to eat healthy, drink water, and exercise, but stretching is rarely included in that list – and we are here to educate more people on why it shouldn’t be left out. Stretch Zone aids athletes, senior citizens, people with medical conditions, and virtually anyone interested in strengthening their overall health by keeping the connection with their nervous system. And we’re the only stretch franchise to utilize a patented stabilization system during each and every stretch! Combined with our proprietary and nationally recognized Stretch Zone training program we are confident we will provide the best possible experience to all of our guests.


FranUSA: What type of person would fit your franchisee profile?

TZ: From a franchisee standpoint, we gravitate towards entrepreneurs, investors and business owners who are passionate about the brand and truly believe in the service that we provide. Whether you’re a fitness enthusiast or a retired professional, Stretch Zone offers a low-cost market strategy that serves a virtually limitless demographic base. Recently, NFL Quarterback Drew Brees signed on as a franchise partner, board member and brand ambassador, and will be leading the charge in opening locations around the Midwest, Louisiana and Southern California.


FranUSA: How do you look after your franchisees?

TZ: We always recommend that people try our services and fall in love with the brand before moving forward. Ensuring that our franchisees feel confidents, supported and in a position to thrive is our top priority – and we make sure that we’re with them every step of the way. At Stretch Zone we have a franchisee first mentality. We believe that all relationships should be a win-win and that includes the relationships with our franchisees; it’s a basic understanding that we first need our franchisees to be not just successful but happy in their ownership experience in order for the brand to continue to prosper as it has.

From the start we have been determined to focus on the unit level economics of the business. Because of that we have been bale to design a business model that is incredibly simple which allows us to provide immediate and impactful support at any given moment.