What are the Best Stretches to Do Before Running

The secret to keeping your body flexible, increasing your range of motion, reducing your risk of injury, and improving your overall performance is by doing regular full body stretching sessions regularly. To make this happen, you’ll need the help of a certified and experienced stretch practitioner who knows how to position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate your muscles in a purposeful order.

Runners who are serious about enhancing their performance should do this and a few other pre-run stretches that will increase their blood circulation and activate their muscles’ firing patterns.

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What are the Best Pre-Run Stretches?

Walking Lunges

Slowly lunge your body forward while you keep your back straight and tall. As you take each step, make sure that you alternate your legs for a total of at least ten steps.

Side to Side Lunges

While you keep your back straight, slowly lunge your body to one side. Lead with this leg for about five steps before you do another set of side to side lunges in the opposite direction.

Dynamic Hamstring Stretches

As you make sure that you’re holding on for balance, try to swing one leg out in front of you while making sure that you keep it completely straight. Next, try swinging your leg back and forth until you feel a stretch in the back part of your leg. However, make sure that you’re not over-straining your muscles while you do so. Do at least ten repetitions on each leg.

Slow-Motion Running

For one full minute, try mimicking the running action at about 25% speed. While you’re at it, try exaggerating as you do your arms swings and lift your knees and hips.

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Try Full Body Stretching!

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