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Daily Activities that Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

Daily Activities that Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

Did you know that your back pain could be caused by any of your daily activities such as driving, sleeping, or sitting at your desk all day? Fortunately, a certified stretch practitioner can always help you do some lower back stretches that would effectively loosen your muscles and ease the pain.

what can lower back stretches do for me?

What are the Daily Activities that Could Be Causing Your Back Pain?


The long commute and your lousy posture would make the perfect recipe for a painful back. Driving for an hour or more on a daily basis can take its toll on your back. Your lower back won’t get enough support if you sit in the middle of your seat. To avoid lower back pain, you need to sit up straight by making sure that your back is completely against the back of your chair. It would help if you got yourself a driving pillow that would keep your lower back supported while you’re driving.


If you’re a stomach sleeper, your chances of experiencing lower back pain are incredibly high. In case you’re not aware, sleeping on your stomach will cause your spine to become poorly positioned. It’s best if you sleep on your back. Try placing a pillow under your knees as well. If you can’t help but sleep on your stomach, get a pillow and put it under your lower abdominal area, allowing your spine to maintain its natural curve.

Too Much Sitting

If you spend most of your time chained to your desk, don’t be surprised if you’ll eventually experience lower back pain. A sedentary lifestyle is closely associated with back problems. If you have pain in your back, try using a standing desk or taking short breaks to stretch your muscles.

can lower back stretches help me?

Do Lower Back Stretches with a Stretch Practitioner!

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