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Top Reasons Why Good Posture is Important

Top Reasons Why Good Posture is Important

Do you constantly hunch and slouch? In case you’re not aware, bad posture isn’t just one of your mom’s pet peeves – it’s also very bad for you, too. Thankfully, poor posture can still be corrected with regular assisted stretch sessions with a certified and experienced stretch practitioner, your muscles will be effectively positioned, stabilized, isolated, and manipulated while using the powerful principles of neuromuscular behavior.

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The Importance of Good Posture

Get Fewer Headaches

Did you know that hunching over your computer for most hours of the day can cause headaches? Since your skull is a heavy chunk of bone that your body has to support, any misalignment of your back due to bad posture can cause your neck to tire out from supporting your head’s weight. As a result, the fatigued muscles in your neck will send signals to your brain that would trigger tension headaches that are painful.

Breath Better

Hunching over will not allow you to breathe as deeply as you should because your lungs wouldn’t be able to inflate as much when you’re slouching. When you get less air into your lungs, less oxygen is transported in your blood. Since your body needs enough oxygen to function well, you need to make an effort to practice good posture techniques.

Boosts Your Confidence

Did you know that you’ll look and feel more confident when you keep your back straight? A study has shown that those who sat up straight were more consistent in answering self-assessment questions than those who were slouching.

Makes Enhances Your Digestion

Bad posture compresses your digestive system that’s why it can trigger symptoms of digestive distress. Conversely, sitting up straighter will help prevent this problem.

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