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Mistakes to Avoid Making with Your Posture

Mistakes to Avoid Making with Your Posture

Most moms would get after their kids about slouching. Those who heed their advice will reap the benefits of practicing good posture techniques. On the other hand, those who don’t will suffer the aches and pains of a back that’s out of whack. Thankfully, bad posture can still be corrected with the help of a certified stretch practitioner at a stretch studio. In the meantime, here are the most common posture blunders that would make you look older:

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Posture Blunders That You Shouldn’t Be Doing

Sleeping on Your Stomach

Did you know that your sleeping position could potentially do damage to your back? For instance, when you’re sleeping on your stomach, undue pressure is placed on your neck and your lower back. To avoid this, it’s best to sleep on your back while placing a pillow under your knees. If you prefer sleeping on your side, make sure that you place a pillow between your legs to maintain proper body alignment.

Cradling Your Phone Between Your Head and Shoulders

Almost everyone is guilty of taking a call by cradling the phone in your neck. Unfortunately, if this becomes a habit, you’re more likely to have permanently hunched shoulders. Do your back and shoulders a favor by using a hands-free headset or a speakerphone when your hands are full.

Having a Poorly Adjusted Car Seat

It’s imperative to make sure that your seats are appropriately adjusted according to your posture needs. These seats would include your work chair and desk, as well as your car’s driver’s seat. You’ll need to adjust its settings to ensure that your back is straight while you’re sitting, and your knees are lower than your hips. Keep in mind that you should also avoid leaning on the armrest because it will pull your back out of alignment.

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