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Why You Shouldn’t Sit Too Much During the Day

Too many people are complaining about having aches and pains all over their bodies without knowing that one of the primary causes of these problems stems from sitting too much. If you think that spending long hours hunched over your computer screens won’t do you any harm, think again. Taking breaks from sitting, moving your body, and doing back stretching exercises will help reverse the problem. 

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What are the Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Sit Too Much?

It’s Bad for Your Heart

A study has shown that transit drivers who sit most of their entire workday and conductors who don’t. The two groups that were observed during the study shared similar diets and lifestyles. However, it was discovered that the transit drivers are more likely to develop heart disease within the course of their lifetime compared to the conductors who spent much of their time standing.

It Throws Away Your Hard Work at the Gym

Sitting for 7 hours at a time will undo all the hard work that you’ve done at the gym. It doesn’t matter if your workout sessions last for more than the suggested 2 to 3 hours – if you don’t keep on moving your body for the rest of the day, you’ll undo all of your hard work at the gym.

Your Chances of Getting Diabetes Rise

Did you know that you could get diabetes just by sitting all day? Medical experts say that it has something to do with the sitting position changing your body’s reaction to insulin or the hormone that regulates your blood sugar.

You’ll Ruin Your Back

Sitting too long will take its toll on your neck, spine, and back muscles. This can even worsen when you’re slouching. You’ll need an ergonomic chair that can provide your back with the support that it needs.

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Do Back Stretching Exercises!

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