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Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

Common Causes of Upper Back Pain

People who constantly struggle with upper back pain are those who overuse their muscles, suffered an injury, or have poor posture. In case you’re wondering, the area that covers the upper back includes the base of your neck, as well as the bottom of your ribcage. Fortunately, doing some stretches for upper back pain with a stretch practitioner will bring relief.

The thoracic spine that’s made up of 12 bones are also found in the upper back. People who have upper back pain experience a pulling or burning sensation anywhere between these bones.

What are the Common Causes of Upper Back Pain?

Poor Posture 

Poor posture causes the pressure from the weight of the upper body will tend to push on the neck, spine, discs, and ligaments. Aside from this, when a person slouches in a chair, his back muscles lose strength and the pressure on them will eventually lead to strains. When left unaddressed, this problem may result in pain and complications.

Muscle Deconditioning

Most people who want stronger and enduring muscles condition them through specific exercises and weight training. However, muscles may also be deconditioned when they’re not being used correctly. For instance, someone who’s spending most of their time sitting without practicing good posture will decondition their back muscles if they don’t take regular breaks to stretch.

Overuse of Muscles

This takes place after the muscles have been used in repetitive motions over an extended period of time. For example, a pitcher in baseball who makes the same kind of movement all day is likely to experience some degree of irritation, tightness, and strain on their muscles. 

Myofascial Pain

It’s possible for the pain to originate from the fascia or the connective tissues in the back. This may be caused by an injury or overuse of a muscle. 

who teaches stretches for upper back pain?

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