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How Flexibility Training Can Change Your Performance

How Flexibility Training Can Change Your Performance

Did you know that compete physical fitness is more than just being able to hit the gym three times a week? You can’t immediately conclude that a person is in his best shape based on his ability to run a mile. When it comes to physical fitness, five components need to be considered. These include cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, body composition, and flexibility.

Flexibility refers to your ability to move your joint through its complete range of motion. It’s also the most neglected component of physical fitness. Have you ever wondered about the effects of flexibility training on your body? 

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How Can Flexibility Training Affect Your Performance?

It Maintains Pain-Free and Independent Movement

Flexibility deteriorates with age. If you want to perform your daily activities with great ease and less effort, you need flexibility training through dynamic assisted stretching. Doing this regularly will enable you to get out of bed and take that first step in the mornings without hesitation.

You’ll also be able to vacuum the floor or lift your groceries without any difficulty. When you discover and enhance your physical abilities, you’ll never be the same again.

Your Reaction Time will Become Better

As your body becomes more flexible, you’ll find yourself moving instinctually with better reaction time, but with much less thought. In other words, your movements will become automatic.

Aside from causing you to experience a more enhanced sensory awareness of your surroundings, flexibility allows your system to become highly responsive as well. 

You’ll Develop Spatial Awareness

Improving your flexibility through training will allow your body to experience increased awareness of itself to its surroundings. The result of this sense of awareness is the ability to make sharper assessments about the state of your muscles and injuries. This is highly beneficial to athletes who want to improve their performance. 

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Your Body Needs Flexibility Training

If you want to give flexibility training a try to see how it will work for you, book your 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone for free.