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Myths About Stretching You Should Stop Believing

Myths About Stretching You Should Stop Believing

Due to the wealth of knowledge that can be easily accessed with just a click of a mouse, you’ve probably come across pieces of advice about full body stretching that are far from being accurate. If you want to find out what’s best for your body, you’ll need to set your facts straight about this subject and fitness in general. Check out these notorious myths to dodge these misinformation traps.

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What are the Biggest Lies About Stretching?

MYTH 1: “Those who aren’t flexible will never be flexible.”

Those who fall for this myth tend to have a preconceived notion that stretching is only for physically flexible people. They think that if their bodies are anything but flexible, there’s no hope for improvement. It doesn’t matter if you believe that you were born in your middle splits.

You won’t have to keep wishing that you were a bit more flexible because regular stretching sessions with a licensed practitioner can allow you to improve your active range of motion, enhance your blood circulation, and loosen your tight muscles.

To top it all off, your muscles will be working more effectively even as you get older. If you’re a senior and you want to slow the physical effects of aging, you’ll need to make regular appointments with a stretch expert.

MYTH 2: “You don’t need to stretch if you’re already flexible.”

Bendy people can significantly benefit from regular flexibility workouts. Even if you’re naturally hypermobile, you can still manage to strengthen and stabilize your muscles with the help of a stretch specialist.

While it’s true that the process of aging can diminish your body’s ability to become flexible and mobile, stretching can also help you establish a healthy lifestyle due to regular physical activity.

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Experience a Full Body Stretching Session!

Full body stretching that’s done regularly is relaxing and rejuvenating. Book your free 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone today to find out for yourself!