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Major Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

Major Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching

You’ve probably heard about active isolated stretching (AIS). This happens to be a stretching method that is a combination of short and controlled stretches, as well as intervals of relaxation. This overrides the tendency of your muscles to contract whenever they’re stretched tight.

Furthermore, this scientific stretching method offers quick relief for pain and stiffness in the neck, back, shoulder, hip, or knee. In case you’re not aware, pain symptoms go away when the body starts to move and work as it should. 

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What are the Major Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching?

Stress Relief

This stretching method can effectively reduce your level of stress by relaxing your body and mind. As the stretch practitioner manipulates your body, your adrenal glands’ release of the stress hormone called cortisol reduces. 

Increases Your Mobility

Since aging bodies lose their mobility and flexibility, older adults tend to find it challenging to move freely and their risk of injury becomes an all-time high. In some cases, this problem can even affect the way they perform their regular daily activities. With AIS, functional flexibility will be restored.

Improves Your Posture

One of the best things about AIS is that it can effectively improve and maintain your posture. When your posture is correctly aligned, you’ll not only exude confidence but your energy levels will also be maintained.

Furthermore, you’ll be able to steer clear of prolonged structural imbalances as your muscle function becomes efficient. People who have good posture won’t be prone to lower back pain. 

Promotes Good Circulation and Reduced Water Retention

Aside from improving your blood circulation, assisted AIS will also cause your tissues and organs to perform at their best as sufficient oxygen is being delivered throughout your body. Someone who suffers water retention will also benefit from AIS because it reduces the swelling in the legs that are triggered by poor blood circulation.

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Experience the Benefits of Active Isolated Stretching!

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