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What are the Causes of Tight Hamstrings?

People who maintain an active lifestyle know that their hamstrings are their speed generators. They influence the length of your stride as they assist your Gluteus Maximus when it extends your hip. When the hamstrings experience tightness or restriction, your overall performance suffers. This means that people who have tight hamstrings find themselves googling “stretch therapy near me” to address the issue right away.

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What are the Top Causes of Tight Hamstrings?

Prolonged Sitting

You’ll have to spend much of your time with your knee flexed and your hips extended to get your hamstrings over-contracted. You don’t need anyone to tell you that it’s challenging to hold this pose for an extended period of time.

However, sitting too long with your pelvis tilted posteriorly will increase your chances of having tight hamstrings. 

Disc Compression

Most people automatically assume that they have a problem with their hamstrings each time they feel them tighten. In some cases, this strong contraction could be the result of nerve entrapment that causes the muscles to become hypertonic.

For this reason, people who have problems with their lumbar discs issues usually experience radicular pain, numbness, tingling, and tightness into their hamstrings. 

Previous Hamstrings Strain

If your hamstrings have been previously injured, they’ll be more vulnerable to hamstring strains because the area’s flexibility standpoint, as well as its tissue pliability, is never the same. This explains why athletes complain of a tight sensation in the region. 

Muscle Imbalance

Women who have the habit of locking out their knees and holding their pelvis with a forward tilt tend to experience the classic muscle imbalance. An extreme anterior pelvic tilt will cause the hamstrings to pull the pelvis back. Aside from reducing the neuromuscular tone of the hamstrings, this position weakens them as well. 

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