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Common Questions Asked About Active Isolated Stretching

Common Questions Asked About Active Isolated Stretching

Are you curious to know more about active isolated stretching (AIS)? Whether you’re an athlete or someone who’s struggling with scoliosis, a sprained ankle or lower back pain, check out the common questions people ask about the subject.

can I benefit from isolated stretching?

FAQs About Active Isolated Stretching 

What is AIS and What are Its Benefits?

AIS is a muscle lengthening method that also aims to strengthen the muscle tissue. In the process, restores the function of the superficial, as well as the deep fascial planes. When you incorporate AIS into your fitness program, your isolated flexibility will increase, your body will be realigned, you’ll reduce your risk of injury, and you’ll develop an increased awareness of your body. 

Can It Help Those Who Have Scoliosis?

Yes. With the help of a certified stretch practitioner and the use of the right equipment, the stretch will effectively lengthen and strengthen the neck, trunk, abdominal, hip, and pelvic muscles that are often adversely affected by scoliosis. To promote stability while the stretch is being performed, the practitioner straps the client on a special table.

Can AIS Help a Client with a Sprained Ankle?

Of course. The practitioner will target specific muscles that facilitate the movements of the ankle, such as plantar flexion and dorsal flexion, as well as the movement of the sub-talar joints such as inversion and eversion. Over time, these stretches will increase the strength and mobility of the affected area. 

Can AIS Provide Relief for Lower Back Pain?

In most cases, issues with the lower back take place because of underdeveloped abdominal muscles. Aside from weak abdominal muscles, tight hamstrings can also contribute to the development of lower back pain. For this reason, AIS seeks to strengthen these weak muscles by building them up through targeted stretches with the help of a stretch practitioner.

what exactly is isolated stretching? 

Learn More About Active Isolated Stretching!

If you want to learn more about active isolated stretching and how this modality will work for you, book your free 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone today!