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What Hip Replacement Patients Don't Know About Stretching

What Hip Replacement Patients Don’t Know About Stretching

Did you know that 193,000 total hip replacement procedures are being performed in the United States every year? This makes it one of the most common surgical procedures performed across the nation. Patients who undergo this type of procedure are those who find it difficult to move and perform their daily activities due to arthritis that’s confirmed on x-ray.

In most cases, the pain keeps them awake at night and is unresponsive to medication. If you’re trying to recover from a total hip replacement procedure and you’re wondering if stretch therapy near me will be good for you, read on.

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Facts About Stretching and Hip Replacement Patients

Health Experts Recommend Stretch Therapy

After your hip replacement surgery, your doctor will encourage you to move by asking you to stand or use a walker to walk a few steps. Movement after your surgery will increase your blood flow and help you steer clear of blood clots and other complications.

As soon as you get discharged from the health care facility, you’ll be advised to perform stretching exercises to speed up your recovery process and reduce your risk of further injury. 

Who Should Help You Stretch?

It’s best to avoid having any one-on-one type of bodywork done with a person who isn’t a certified and experienced stretch practitioner. Before they became full-fledged stretch practitioners, these people began as sports physiologists, physical therapists, personal trainers, chiropractors, and massage therapists.

Since they completed extensive training on how to position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate muscles in a purposeful order, you can be sure that they’re qualified to help you loosen up your muscles and tendons to prevent the formation of scar tissue that would limit your mobility. 

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Book a Stretch Therapy Session Near Me

Speed up your recovery after your hip replacement surgery by booking for your first 30-minute stretch therapy session near me at Stretch Zone.