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Why is Professional Stretching the Right Choice?

Why is Professional Stretching the Right Choice?

We all have heard that stretching is important, mostly before or after a workout. But, stretching isn’t just reserved for those who are active – the athletes and weekend warriors. Nope. Stretching can benefit every body type and lifestyle under the sun. That’s what we’re aiming to teach with our professional stretching at Stretch Zone! Let’s talk about why you should consider visiting your local Stretch Zone for a session:

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Why Do You Need Professional Stretching?

It’s a Productive Means of Relaxation

Active rest may sound like an oxymoron, but it’s actually a great way to keep your body engaged in a more settled state. Envision yourself relaxed, reaping all the benefits while a stretch professional does all the work. When you come in for a professional stretch, you get to feel at ease that you’re in great hands! As you lay on our tables fitted with our proprietary strapping system used to isolate target areas, this state of relaxation allows our practitioners to retrain your mind-body communication and work toward a deeper stretch.  

Problem Areas Will be Addressed

You might think that a massage can have a similar effect on your body. However, your standard massage produces results that tend to be short-term. With professional stretching, during each of your active stretching sessions, your specialist works by breaking up the muscle knots in all of your problem areas which helps address bigger issues such as poor posture and body imbalances. This is a gradual process that leads to long-term health improvements.

A Deeper Stretch Experience

If you think that stretching on your own on a daily basis is enough, think again. When you work with an experienced and qualified professional who knows the science behind stretching, you’re able to achieve a deeper stretch. This will allow your muscles to recover and relax even further. In fact, people who have tried stretching with a professional say that their muscles feel a lot looser and more relaxed compared to how they usually feel right after they stretch on their own.

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Do You Want to Experience Professional Stretching?

At Stretch Zone, we work with your body to ensure you get a personalized and effective stretch every time. Using our 3-5-7 intensity scale, you determine how deep the stretch goes, ensuring your safety and comfort! Experience the benefits of professional stretching for 30 minutes at no cost to you. Book an appointment with Stretch Zone today.