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Different Types of Stretching and How They Benefit You

Different Types of Stretching and How They Benefit You

Professional stretching exercises come in various types, and they can be performed regularly to improve your flexibility. The most common types include static stretching, dynamic stretching, PNF (proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitator), as well as ballistic stretching. A certified and experienced stretch practitioner will tell you which type of stretching exercise is the most appropriate one for you.

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What are the Different Types of Stretching?

Static Stretching

This is also called isometric stretching, where a particular muscle is pulled until you feel a gentle stretch on it. Once this stretch is achieved, the position is usually held for about 10 seconds or more before relaxing the same muscle. It’s important to note that these stretches must be pain-free and are often used to enhance the person’s flexibility, especially after sustaining a strain injury to the muscle.

Dynamic Stretching

Perhaps dynamic stretching is the most widely-used type of stretching these days. Most people perform such stretches when they’re warming up for a sport. Since it’s dynamic, your body’s moving while your muscles are being stretched. It usually works with muscle spindles or the sensors within your muscle that work to determine how fast your muscles are stretching.

PNF Stretching

This type of stretching can come in different forms, such as contract-relax, hold-relax, and rhythmic initiation. PNF has been used to treat sports injuries since the 1960s. It’s possible for PNF stretching to be passive when a stretch practitioner moves a specific limb through its own ranges of motion. Furthermore, it can also be active-assisted in which you play a role in the particular treatment.

Ballistic Stretching

This involves stretching a specific muscle as far as possible based on your comfort level. One the end of the range of motion is reached, the muscle or joint is forced a little further. This should be done carefully and under the supervision of an expert.

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