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The Many Benefits of Table Stretching

The Many Benefits of Table Stretching

When you schedule a one-on-one table stretching appointment with a certified and experienced professional, you’ll experience the best stretch of your life. Your stretch practitioner is trained to position and stabilize your body with the use of a patented stabilization system.

This system involves the use of a standard table that’s converted into a practitioner-assisted stretching table. It comes with adjustable belts, straps, and pads that will help you extend your muscles a little further than what your central nervous system would normally allow. This will automatically make an imprint on your neuromuscular system. 

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The Benefits of Table Stretching That May Surprise You

Improves Your Posture

Table stretching with a stretch specialist will allow you to relax and unwind while your body is being manipulated to loosen up your muscles through stretching. This is especially helpful for those who have daily activities or jobs that leave their muscles tied up in knots.

Through targeted yet gentle stretching, your muscles will become elongated, loose, and more balanced. This will significantly improve your posture, and you’ll find yourself sitting taller and standing straighter.

Reduces Your Stress Levels

There’s nothing like synchronized breathing and stretching to help your mind and body ease into a state of relaxation. As your stress levels decrease and your breathing gets better, you’ll experience a noticeable improvement in your general well-being.

Furthermore, your body will greatly benefit from regular assisted stretching sessions because this will increase the flow of your blood throughout your body, thereby pumping more oxygen and nutrients into your blood vessels, connective tissue, joints, and muscles.

Increases Your Flexibility

Stretching is the best way to prevent limited mobility as you age. It keeps your muscles warmed up, active, and engaged; that’s why it can effectively slow down the effects of aging.

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