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Biggest Myths Commonly Told About Sciatica Pain

Biggest Myths Commonly Told About Sciatica Pain

Countless people are seeking treatment for sciatica pain relief every single day. In case you’re not aware, sciatica pain is a common condition that can be described as a constant sharp, radiating, and shooting pain that originates from a person’s lower back down into the leg. Furthermore, a tingling or burning sensation may be felt in the leg area.

Sometimes, it may even be difficult for the individual to move one side of the body. If you don’t know much about this condition, check out the biggest myths that are told about it.

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What are the Biggest Myths About Sciatica Pain?

Everyone Who Has Sciatica Pain Experiences Similar Symptoms

No, they don’t because this condition encompasses a broad range of symptoms that are based mainly on its severity, as well as its duration. In other words, patients experience different levels of pain and irritation that could last for weeks or even longer.

Leg Problems are the Primary Cause of Sciatica Pain

False. Sciatica is the result of severe irritation of one or both of the patient’s sciatic nerves. Since this usually happens when there is pressure on the nerve, most people think that the leg pain they experience contributes to their leg problems.

The most common medical conditions that give rise to sciatica include spondylolisthesis, trauma, spinal tumors, spinal stenosis, and a tumor or an injury in the sciatic nerve.

Patients Will Have to Live with the Pain for the Rest of Their Lives

This isn’t true. With enough rest and proper treatment, people who have this condition will eventually get better. While a trip to the doctor’s office is absolutely necessary, acute flares of low back pain can also be relieved by stretching the hip flexor muscles, piriformis muscle, hamstrings, and shoulders. 

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