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Two elderly women doing muscle exercises with weights in gym.

Effective and Easy Stretching Tips for Seniors

Since performing daily activities require mobility, people need to stay limber and flexible as they age. It doesn’t matter if a task involves reaching to get something from the top shelf or bending down to pick up the grocery bags – unless the person has enough flexibility, the risk of injury is very high. For this reason, experts advise seniors to experience regular practitioner-assisted stretch sessions to improve their mobility and performance.

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Tips for Effective Stretching for Seniors

Warm Up Your Muscles Before You Stretch

You can effectively warm up your muscles by taking a quick walk or using light weights. Doing a warm-up before your stretching session will help you steer clear of possible injuries.

Don’t Stretch Too Far

Doing your stretches alone may cause you to stretch too far. When you’re working with a certified and experienced stretch practitioner, you won’t run the risk of doing so, and you’ll get a much deeper stretch than when you do it on your own.

During each session, you’ll be able to communicate with the therapist as your muscles are being positioned, stabilized, isolated, and manipulated in a purposeful order. You shouldn’t feel a stabbing pain as your tight muscles are being loosened up.

Learn to Relax and Breathe While You Stretch

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t be holding your breath while you’re stretching. It’s best to breathe into each movement because doing so will help you push yourself farther with every single breath.

You can easily do this with assisted stretching because you’ll be able to focus more on your breathing as the therapist manipulates your muscles and handles the heavy lifting.

Avoid Bouncing

Bouncing while stretching is to try to make yourself reach farther is something that you shouldn’t be doing because it can cause your muscles to tighten. With assisted stretching, you’ll be able to make steady movements as you ease into a stretch.

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