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Why You Need Someone to Help You Stretch

Why You Need Someone to Help You Stretch

One of the best places to enjoy a fitness climate is a stretch gym. A 30-minute session with a stretch expert could be equivalent to your week’s worth of workouts. Not only does stretching loosen and elongate your muscles, but it also increases your mobility and reduces your risk of injury.

This one-on-one bodywork will not only benefit professional athletes but everybody else as well. 

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What are the Benefits of Practitioner-Assisted Stretch?

It Increases Your Range of Motion

In most cases, people who are more advanced in terms of age, the more limited their range of motion becomes. Aside from causing you to achieve lasting flexibility gains, one of the main goals of practitioner-assisted stretch is to increase your range of motion. You’ll get noticeable results when you wake up the next morning, as well as in your workout performance.

Since you’ll experience a greater range of motion, you’ll be able to move more with less effort. Those who’ve been stretching with the help of a certified professional claim that their functional movements have gone further even before they get to feel that their muscles are being stretched. 

Your Stiff and Sore Muscles will Find Relief

Did you know that sitting disease is real? Studies show that people who don’t exercise regularly and are always stressed out at work tend to develop tonus. In case you’re not aware, tonus refers to excessive resting muscle residual tension.

Although having excessive resting muscle tonus for about an hour is normal after leaving the gym, those who spend the whole day chained to their desks tend to develop tight and stiff muscles. This makes muscle movement more difficult for them.

Thanks to practitioner-assisted stretch, an ideal resting muscle tone will be re-established by your central nervous system thereby providing relief to your stiff, sore, and tight muscles.

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Hit the Stretch Gym!

If you want to experience the benefits of practitioner-assisted stretch, hit the stretch gym today! Book your 30-minute stretch at any of Stretch Zone’s locations for free!