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The Dangers of Sitting Too Much During the Day

Do you spend long hours working at your desk? Your body slumps while you’re sitting, causing your hips, knees, and ankles to stiffen, your muscles to weaken, and your shoulders to round forward, creating a hunch in your back. What’s worse, your blood circulation slows down, which would trigger your metabolism’s depression. If your body could speak, it would be saying, “Stretch me!”

what are the benefits of someone trying to stretch me? 

What are the Dangers of Sitting Too Much?

Your Posture Becomes Compromised

You’re probably aware that sitting too long would put pressure on your lumbar discs as your pelvis rotates backward. While you’re in this position, your body automatically compensates for the transfer of weight by moving your head forward while curving your shoulders.

Injuries to the Back and Spine

Your lower back receives undue pressure as a result of the static loading of tissue due to prolonged sitting. The pressure causes stress to the muscles and joints that surround the affected area. Over time, this would lead to back and spine injuries.

Chronic Pains and Aches

Whether you like it or not, your inadequate sitting posture that continually provokes lower back pressure will eventually cause somatic pains. In most cases, these bodily pains are signs of chronic diseases.


Did you know that excessive sitting can negatively impact your body’s ability to manage your blood sugar levels? When this happens, your body’s sensitivity to the hormone called insulin becomes reduced. In case you’re wondering, insulin is responsible for transporting sugar from your blood into your body cells where the sugar is used for energy.


Since your body’s major muscle groups aren’t being used while you sit at your desk for the whole day, you’re not burning those calories. The reduction of your body’s energy expenditure over an extended period of time will lead to obesity.

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Stretch Me!

When your body tells you to “Stretch me!” don’t ignore it. Stretching will undo the damage caused by excessive sitting as it boosts your calorie burn. Book your free 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone now!