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Top Dynamic Post-Workout Stretches You Should Try

Top Dynamic Post-Workout Stretches You Should Try

Did you know that you’ll reduce your chances of getting injured and enjoy an increased range of motion and flexibility if you don’t skip your post-workout stretch session? Conversely, failing to do so will increase your likelihood of experiencing built-up muscle tension, unnecessary stiffness, and developing bad posture. Before you know it, you’d be Googling for “stretch therapy near me.” Check out these dynamic post-workout stretches that promise to wake up your muscles and improve your overall performance.

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Try These Dynamic Post-Workout Exercises

Gentle Jump Squats

You’ll need to stand with your back straight and your feet shoulder-width apart to do this exercise. Next, put both hands behind your head before you do a squat position. You’ll need to jump upward and land on your feet for one repetition. What makes this an excellent way to cool down is that this stretch increases the blood flow into your lower extremities. However, be sure that you do it slowly as you settle deep into your squat to maximize the stretch. 

Knee-To-Chest Raises

Begin by standing with both feet shoulder-width apart. Next, you’ll need to stand on one foot by lifting one of your knees into the air. Try grabbing your lifted leg by your shin to maintain your balance before pulling your knee towards your chest. Hold this position for two seconds before you release it. Switch sides and repeat

Kneeling Lunge Stretch

You can start by kneeling on the ground with one foot forward while keeping your back straight. Next, grab your ankle using one arm and try pulling it up toward your end as far as you can. When you’re starting to feel a good stretch, hold the position for about a second or two before you release. Repeat with the other leg.

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Where to Find “Stretch Therapy Near Me”

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