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How to Best Stretch After an Injury

How to Best Stretch After an Injury

If you regularly push yourself to your new fitness goals, you’ll continuously brace yourself for possible training injuries. Unless your injury occurred because of stretching a muscle way beyond its natural limits, you could stretch to promote faster recovery. The safest way to do it is to enlist the help of a certified and experienced stretch practitioner. Try looking for one today by Googling, “stretch near me.”

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Tips for Stretching with an Injury

Know What Type of Injury You Have

As mentioned earlier, you couldn’t just stretch any type of injury because an overstretched, pulled, or torn muscle is better left alone. In case you’re wondering, this muscular strain that is typically caused by fatigue, overuse, or poor form can lead to pain and inflammation. Serious cases such as a severe muscle tear can even cause painful swelling and bruising. Treatment for such cases involves the reattachment of the complete rupture via surgical intervention.

Wait Until the Swelling Subsides Before You Stretch

Your body’s natural response to an injury is to bring more nutrients and fluid into the affected area to repair the damage. This inflammatory response occurs during the first 72 hours following your injury. Stretching during this period will be detrimental to your tissues because they will be very sensitive.

Be Consistent with Your Stretching Routine

You’re probably aware that strains and pulls are some of the most commonly encountered sports-related injuries because they’re usually the result of the improper use and overstretching of a particular muscle. The best way to avoid this is to remain consistent with a stretching routine that targets your tight muscles. That way, your likelihood of sustaining injuries in the future will be significantly reduced. 

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