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Exercises to Avoid if You Have Low Back Pain

Stretches for lower back pain will not only ease your discomfort, but they will also improve your flexibility and overall performance. However, before anything else, be sure to talk to your health care provider. Some people do certain exercises that they think are good for them. Unfortunately, they end up hurting their back.

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What are the Exercises to Avoid if You Have Low Back Pain?

Leg Lifts

Most of those who want to strengthen their core incorporate leg lifts into their exercise routine. While this exercise is incredibly helpful for many people, it won’t have the same effect on those who struggle with lower back pain. When you lift both legs together while you’re lying on your back, there’s a very good chance that your pain may get even worse.

The best way to go is to lie flat on your back with one of your legs bent at the knee while the other leg is straight. As you keep your lower back flat on the floor, lift your straight leg up slowly up about 6 inches and hold it for a few seconds before you slowly lower it down. Repeat this at least 10 times before you switch legs.

Toe Touches

As mentioned earlier, not all physical exercises are good for your lower back pain. If you have no issues with your back, the mild discomfort that you would feel at the beginning of your standing toe touches should disappear as your muscles gain more strength.

However, if you feel pain instead of mild discomfort and if it persists for more than 15 minutes while you’re trying to touch your toes, you should stop doing it and call your doctor. This move can put great stress on your spine’s disks and ligaments.

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