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Stretches Every Golfer Should Know

Stretches Every Golfer Should Know

Did you know that stretching for golf the right way can significantly improve your performance and reduce your risk for injury? Your golf swing has four elements, and these include your downswing, back-swing, ball strike, and follow-through. When you do your rotation during your back-swing, you’re using your upper back muscles, which are the same ones that help you keep your spine erect.

Next, your shoulder muscles help you position your upper body before you can generate speed. Once set, your core and lower back muscles are then used to create torque, as well as increase clubhead speed. You should give thanks to your forearm muscles for supporting your wrists while controlling the golf club.

Likewise, your proper posture can be credited to your hamstring muscles, and your sense of balance and your ability to flex your knees are made possible because of your quadriceps and calf muscles.

what is stretching for golf?

The Best Stretches for Golf

Bent Arm Upper Back and Shoulder Stretch

While standing upright, place one arm across your body and bend it at about 90 degrees before you pull one elbow towards you.

Reaching Lateral Side Stretch

Start by standing with your feet about shoulder-width apart. Next, try bending to the side and reaching over the top of your head with the use of your hand. Make sure that you don’t bend forward.

Lying Knee Roll-over Lower Back Stretch

Begin by lying on your back. Next, bend your knees before you let them fall to one side. Next, make sure that you keep your arms out to the side while you let your hips and back rotate together with your knees.

Start Stretching for Golf!

If you’re serious about improving your golf swing, you’ll need to start stretching for golf. Schedule your FREE 30-minute stretch at any of our Stretch Zone locations!