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What are the Biggest Benefits of PNF Stretching?

What are the Biggest Benefits of PNF Stretching?

If you think that incorporating stretching into your fitness routine is enough, think again. How you stretch matters more than you might have thought. You’re way ahead of the curve when you schedule regular assisted-stretch sessions at the stretching gym.

Since the stretch practitioner is trained to position, stabilize, isolate, and manipulate your muscles, you can be sure that you’ll experience the best and most relaxing stretch ever. If you haven’t heard about PNF stretching, now’s a good time to learn about it.

What is PNF Stretching, and What are Its Key Benefits?

Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (otherwise known as PNF) stretching is a type of advanced flexibility training that focuses on the contraction and stretching of the muscles. Performing PNF stretches involves alternating between isometric contraction and static stretch-and-hold of the specific muscle that’s being stretched. Unlike other stretches, it requires the help of another person. Among the benefits of PNF stretching are the following:

Reduces Your Risk of Injury

Since PNF stretches are deep stretching techniques, your inverse myotatic reflex or your protective reflex becomes activated. When this happens, your muscles will relax, and the tension will be relieved. In case you’re wondering, your inverse myotatic reflex gives your muscles the capability to stretch beyond its limits while protecting them from getting injured.

Helps You Achieve Functional Goals

PNF stretches are incorporated in various rehabilitation programs because they’re also designed to help people achieve their functional goals. These goals would include steady gait and balanced walking patterns. In most cases, the hamstrings, back or hip flexors, and glutes are the primary muscle groups that are targeted.

Great for Stroke Rehabilitation

For older adults who’ve suffered a chronic stroke, doing PNF stretches is one of the best ways to reduce their risk of falling by improving their stability, increasing their walking speed, and enhancing their lower body strength.

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