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How to Improve Your Flexibility

How to Improve Your Flexibility

As you age, the need for flexibility is even more crucial because it can reduce your chances of getting injured as you perform your daily activities. When your joints and muscles become less flexible, you’re more likely to get yourself injured when you carry your grocery bags or when you reach for something on the top shelf. Hitting the stretching gym is one of the best things that you can do to enhance and maintain your flexibility.

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Tips for Enhancing and Maintaining Your Flexibility

Stay Hydrated

Did you know that a large portion of your muscles is made up of water? Your muscles can quickly respond to flexibility training if they work optimally. Unless they’re properly hydrated, they won’t be able to do so. Exercising or walking around without proper hydration will have a negative impact on your overall performance. 

Work on a Full Range of Motion

Although your workout sessions allow you to build muscular strength, you don’t get to use your full range of motion while you’re at it. If you plan on enhancing your flexibility, you’ll be required to work on a full range of motion through certain exercises that include full-depth squats that promote the flexibility of your hips. You’ll also be able to prioritize a full range of motion when you use lighter weights as you try to learn new moves before you decide to load up a bar.

Get a Massage

When the knots in your muscles and tissues are broken up via a massage, your flexibility will be significantly enhanced. You can try to use a foam roller massage before a workout session will prepare your body for movement. Using it after your workout will help your muscles recover quickly.  

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Hit the Stretching Gym!

Stretching will not only improve your flexibility, but it will enhance your mobility as well. Experience the deepest stretch ever by hitting the stretching gym on a regular basis. Get started by booking your FREE 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone.