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Stretching Fundamentals You Should Know

Stretching Fundamentals You Should Know

Did you know that there’s no such thing as a good or bad full body stretching? However, certain stretches are appropriate for an individual’s specific needs. In other words, certain stretches that are suitable for one person may not be ideal for someone else.

Likewise, you shouldn’t be stretching an injured muscle group without working on recovery, as well as rehabilitation. For this reason, it’s essential to consider a few precautions before you go ahead and give yourself a stretch.

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Stretching Precautions That You Should Be Aware of

Warm-Up Before You Start to Stretch

Did you know that your body needs to warm up before you stretch? Getting your mind and body prepared for any physical activity will involve increasing your body’s core and muscle temperature.

As your muscle temperature increases, your muscles become loose, pliable, and supple. Once your warm-up is done, your stretch will become more productive, and you’ll be able to maximize its benefits.

Do Slow and Gentle Stretches

If you stretch your muscles slowly and gently, they’ll become more relaxed. Stretching relaxed muscles will only make the session feel more enjoyable. On the other hand, doing rapid and jerky movements will only cause you to strain your muscles or tear them. 

Stretch to the Point of Tension

One of the biggest mistakes that some people make when they’re stretching is going beyond the point of tension. If there’s one thing you need to know about stretching, it’s the fact that it shouldn’t be painful. 

Breath Slowly While Stretching

Don’t hold your breath as you stretch your muscles because it will cause them to tense up. Breathing slowly and steadily will increase the flow of oxygen to your body and make it easier for your muscles to stretch.

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Ready for a Full Body Stretch?

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