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Common Causes of Muscle Tension in the Neck

Common Causes of Muscle Tension in the Neck

Did you know that the human head is about 7% to 10% of the total body weight? Since the head is a heavy chunk of bone to carry around, it needs to be at the center of the shoulders. Otherwise, the spine and the neck won’t be able to bear the load. Those who have poor posture tend to hold stress in their necks and shoulders. This will ultimately lead to chronic aches and pains due to muscle tension in the area. Thankfully, this can be alleviated by a series of practitioner-assisted stretching sessions at a stretching studio.

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What are the Common Causes of Muscle Tension in the Neck?

Poor Posture

Those who spend most of their time hunching over their computer or slouching in their chair are prone to developing poor posture. Since poor posture is often characterized by a forward head position, the weight is shifted away from the center of the body. This triggers the neck muscles to work double-time so that they can support the head. The overextended muscles that are in the back of the neck will eventually become painful and inflamed.

Wrong Sleeping Position

Sleeping on the stomach with one side of your face on a pillow will cause the muscles on that side of your neck to overextend. Another sleeping position that could trigger muscle tension in the neck is sleeping with large pillows that elevate your head too high. Staying in both positions throughout the night will cause your neck to suffer muscle tension the next morning.

Repetitive Motion Disorders

Those who develop repetitive motion disorders associated with the neck will experience pain, swelling, and permanent damage to the tissues.


Do you involuntarily grind or clench your teeth while you sleep at night? This condition called bruxism puts pressure on your jaw and neck muscles which leads to headaches, pain, and neck tension.

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Head Down to the Stretch Studio!

If you have muscle tension in the neck, schedule an appointment at the stretching studio today! To get started, book your FREE 30-minute stretch at Stretch Zone!